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It is going to take all of us to solve our problem. Take your pick, Climate Change aka Global Warming, Plastics taking over our oceans, Pharmaceuticals in our water supply, Toxins in our lakes and streams. There is more than enough serious problems to go around. It is no longer about putting some money in our message and say your private jet miraculously does not pollute. We now need your actual participation. Participation is mandatory if you want to truly be part of the solution. From the simple lifestyle changes to educating our global citizens. We are not naive enough to believe the mega wealthy are going to quit flying around in their Boeing 747s but they can turn off the lights at the mega mansion when they are not there. Everyone can find at least ONE simple solution to start putting the Planet back on track to be in the running for the Planet Of The Year Award. If we do not succeed in this mission, every single animal on the planet, we call HOME, will suffer with devastating consequences. We don't have all the answers but with your help it is possible. A chance is all we have left. Be A Part of the Possible.

Education is Critical to the cause.

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  • Highlighting products that are better ways to do the same old thing. From soap & cleansers to the tires on your ride.
    Having better options can only help our chances to succeed in this mission. Save Planet Earth
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  • Some people in today's world are more focused on the planet. Not just global warming but the toxic pollution everywhere. We have used our most precious resource as a dumping ground for well over a century. Go Think. 

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